Friday, November 28, 2008

Statement of Intent

As someone who makes independent DIY music and loves to read about it, I've always felt there are never enough places to read about it and related arts and events, even here in NYC, especially Brooklyn, which is teeming with artists. I also like to run my mouth once in a while. So I've been inspired to start yet another music blog, with a particular bent.

When you're actually a Do-It-Yourself operation, it's really hard to get some press, or to get the time of day -- even if you are really good, you're starting to draw at shows, and you have good recordings. I guess it just comes down to who you know. I've found that the chances a music blog with any readership will even open your e-mail are far less likely than winning the lottery or a trip to the Moon. And ironically when I last ran a music blog I was perversely inundated with crap submissions from labels; rarely did we get submissions from actual DIY artists sending us their own music and asking for a review.

So it's still an industry and PR game out there (it always will be, and that has its place), even in the land of "undergound" or "indie" rock, especially in NYC. So like Mr. McCall, I'm hoping to help retire the term "indie" in favor of DIY, and I hope you'll join us. And I'm only going to write about DIY artists and events. I suspect I'll mostly be writing about things I've listened to or the shows I go to. It won't always be laudatory, and I hope I'll be forgiven for that by always being constructive. It's a tricky thing to be writing about music when you also make it - you're really asking for it, and I realize that. 

If you want to submit music or a tip you can send it to, but I'm not going to give time to anybody signed by a label, or read anything sent to me by PR people. Keeping it simple. I know you guys have a place, but it's not here, so save my time and yours, don't add me to your mailing list. You have to write an actual e-mail to me.

The people actually doing this on their own need space, and I'd like to give them some more.

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